Casinos have significantly changed and evolved since the 1630’s in Europe and to be precise in Venice, Italy where the very first casino was established. It was not called a casino, but in practice and function, it served as what we know today as a ‘casino’.

The first casino functioned for a short period before it got banned in the 1770’s and it involved the game of chances. Casinos were banned as they were blamed for an increase in gambling problems and addicitons that were arguably directly correlated to less productive members of society. This was of course way before photoshop was invented…

In the American history of casinos, they started as a form of entertainment and as a means of socialization for travelers. After long journeys, travelers needed to relax and also needed someone who they could alk to as they would take consume their meals and drinks. They therefore played a game of chances with each other where they could stake with different treasures. One could either lose or win this game. Some of them lost a vast lump sum while others gained the same depending on where one’s luck and tricks were.

Since the 18th and the 19th centuries, casinos have evolved drastically, introducing new features to them. Gambling became more defined and more popular among people, and the general perspective of gaming changed to that of acceptance.

Due to the widespread uptake of casinos, gambling got banned in most American States in the 20th century. The ban was however lifted later in Nevada State, creating room for several other states to follow in lifting up the ban. The legalized age for gambling was put to be from age of 16 or 21 for those states that allow gambling.

Today, casinos are seen as a source of revenue and a form of entertainment. Its set up has evolved from the traditionally fixed setups to flexible online setups where one can play virtually. Therefore, one does not need to be physically at a premise as it used to be but has an option of playing from wherever they are at their convenience.

Gambling is also seen as a leisure activity, and those with high disposable incomes spend their leisure time gaming. They can find a platform where they can clear their minds and exchange ideas with their fellow gamblers when they meet.

As part of the evolution, today’s gambler needs to be good at calculating their odds to increase their chances of winning or they might end up finding themselves losing every game they participate in. Also, gamblers need to be familiar with the current terminologies that are used in the modern casinos to be able to get involved successfully. Misuse of such vocabularies can lead to constant disappointment to the gambler and might see them giving up on the game without experiencing all the good aspects of a casino.

As time goes by and with the advancement of photoshop technology, casinos are advancing as well. More changes are expected to happen in the casinos and gaming industry to satisfy the modern-day gambler who is always looking out for new and thrilling experiences.